Clean World USA offers comprehensive cleaning services – diverse, eco-friendly and refreshingly innovative.
We are consummate professionals committed to superior customer service.  Our managers can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Our detailed processes guarantee that cleanliness is maintained in accordance with the desires of your established policies and procedures. 

Our total offering encompasses the following:

Cleaning for health increases productivity by reducing absenteeism due to work acquired viruses and sicknesses.  It improves indoor air quality because of the use of green clean chemicals and techniques.  This means that the amount of harmful bacteria that reside in every workplace setting is reduced.  We utilize the ATP Hygiena System, a sophisticated piece of equipment that actually measures the bacteria count before and after cleaning work environments.  This helps assure you, the client, that not only does the work place look clean, but it actually is cleaner as a result of our cleaning protocols.

We randomly inspect our facilities by using this inspection tool. If you would like a free demo of How this inspection system works, please contact us with your request.

Clean World USA is here for your janitorial needs. We are leaders in providing professional janitorial service management, specializing in service to offices, factories, commercial buildings and educational institutions.

This offering includes:

  • a team of long-term and highly experienced supervisors and managers
  • education for the janitorial staff
  • safety for the staff and in the working environment
  • security
  • payroll management

Clean World USA was established more than thirty years ago as Carpet Care Specialists.  As our company has grown, we’ve continued to offer the best carpet care, along with adding floor care services to include VCT, specialty vinyls and ceramics, wood and concrete flooring.

Don’t sit around waiting for your carpet to dry!  Let us provide you with a time saving, green carpet cleaning service using carpet dry cleaning. It makes your carpet look luxurious, smell clean and feel so soft that you could fall asleep on it.  There are many benefits to using the dry cleaning method.


  • It saves time!  Whether for your home or business, waiting for the carpet to dry after having it shampooed or steamed is time consuming. We realize that your life is busy and that’s why we offer carpet dry cleaning.  You are able to use your carpet immediately after cleaning while the day goes on uninterrupted.
  • It is safer for your carpet.  Water or steam, when used incorrectly can cause damage to the carpet. With dry cleaning there is no risk of carpet shrinkage, mildew under the backing or seam splitting.
  • It saves you money!  Dry cleaning increases the life of carpet two to three times its normal wear life, thus preventing you from having to replace your carpet for a very long time.
  • Competitive pricing.  Prices start as low as $0.21 per square foot. Some rooms require cleaning of high traffic areas ONLY. Carpet dry cleaning includes free vacuuming!

View this video to see a demonstration of dry cleaning and how it saves you money, time, and the environment.

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